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  FOX    KTVU Morning News Early Edition  

    February 28, 2014
    5:00 - 6:01am PST  

right now. at least one driver trapped. we just talked to the victim and ktvu janine de la vega will have a live report from the rescue scene. >> a tree down until san francisco. similar scenes expected all over the bay area. the big problems we are already seeing because of this storm. >> one person is dead after a truck slams into a power pole in pittsburgh early this morning. we will show you the unusual response by police after this accident. the ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. good morning. we want to take you live to san francisco this morning. the tree we showed you that was down at 4:30 this morning. the good news is it has been cleared. just the beginning of some
problems around the bay area. rain everywhere. a lot of flooding. airports effected as well. it's definitely the big story this morning. it is friday, february 28th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we will quickly go to steve paulson. we have a lot to talk about. >> i do. >> yeah i know you do. >> i know you do as well. we have systems coming through. this is going to be now the main front that is going by. the wind advisory after that we will see some bans coming through. gusts 50 miles an hour. radar is it will up. a lot of that is near the radar site. san jose south that is moving north. it looks like morgan hill which got slammed not too long ago. they are moving up toward parts of the east bay. and santa rosa. you can see pockets where the
yellow is well. livermore just getting slammed. even up into lake county and mendocino county. this is not a cold front. i will tell you this is good. right there. that is impressive. it's at its maturity. the pressure is really low. it's been a long time since we've said that. the low is heading toward central california. but still it's close enough to us that santa cruz mountains easily. there has been an inch of rain up there. 2.5-3. rain and wind today. although it looks like the heaviest has been right now but we will still see areas picking up. breezy to windy at times. that will be decreasing. 60s on the temps. here is sal. good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that is definitely evented by the water. a lot of flooding out there.
i do want to mention the flooding has been reported all over the area. but especially in the south bay where we've had flooding. we've had a crash. 680 northbound they are still clearing that. the traffic is effected by a big flooding northbound 87. please be careful out there. try not to drive in the standing water. some people have been in trouble for doing that. this is a look at highway 4 westbound. the traffic here is okay. we have flooding 680 at 24. we also have a new crash reported 580 at the 980 interchange. so a lot of fender benders out there. bay bridge toll plaza fairly light. it looks a little better here. it's only an eight minute drive into san francisco. we've had some problems with the storm in parts of san francisco. but traffic is going to be a little bit slow. let's go back to the desk. i'm sorry let's go to janine.
>> reporter: hi, sal. it is raining. it was raining harder. water has collected. we are here on the alameda where it turns into the santa clara and this is stockton. this is a low part of the road and water has collected here. it was waist high at one point. police have this area completely blocked off. i want to go to cell phone video that shows two cars that got stuck in here about an hour ago. they had to wait for the water to recede but you can see one gentleman that we spoke to he says he didn't even see the water. he was only going about 30 miles an hour water started flooding into his car and a passer by helped him and he climbed out of his window. he was pretty shaken up over what happened. while he was being rescued by this passer by, another car
coming from the other direction started driving into the water and same thing started happening. water started flooding into his car. so two rescues happened here about an hour ago. and again police have this roadblocked off. santa clara where it turns into the alameda right at stockton. a little bit ways down near 87 the southbound lane of 87 at taylor, one lane is blocked because a spin out happened there. cars got trapped in the water. another rescue happened. so there is accident happening all around the south bay just be careful, use caution. , this is definitely an area to avoid. the storm also causing a big mess in parts of san francisco. the weather is blamed for toppling this big tree at 37th avenue near lincoln. it almost hit a parked car and you can see it is blocking the street. no one was hurt. public work crews are out there
and coming. they will be cutting up that tree and removing the debris. we are checking the local airports as well to see if they are being impacted by the storm. sfo has several cancellations this morning including united airlines flights. particularly to southern california ontario, orange county, and palm springs. oakland and mineta san jose airports at this point report no disruptions right now. if you are traveling you should check ahead on your flight ahead of time before heading out to the airport. just a reminder that you can down load our ktvu weather app to help you get through this powerful storm. it does have realtime radar and weather alerts to keep you up to date right on your android smart phone or iphone. a busy road in the east bay shut down after a horrible crash. it happened early this morning. ktvu alex savidge is joining us
live from pittsburg. >> reporter: we are in the middle of west tenth street here in pittsburg. it is blocked off in both directions. i will show you what the scene is. barricades are up. we are near beacon street. the crash happened just down the road. it was a truck that slammed into a power pole leaving one person dead. and the impact on this neighborhood is great. there was a power outage. i'm still trying to get exact figures. i was just speaking with pg&e a short time ago. they are working on getting the power back on. let me show you the video from earlier this morning. this accident happened just about 1:00 in the morning and this truck hit the power pole and yo can see here from the video an unusual response by the pittsburg police department as officers moved up to that truck with their guns drawn. they also moved in there with pg&e person who came in to deenergize the power lines that
were still turned on at the time. it's still unclear what exactly criminal activity. we have calls into the police department trying to figure out what was going on. we know one person dead this morning after a truck slammed into a power pole here in pittsburg and it's an accident that has left quite a few people in the dark in this area and i was just told by an officer here at this scene that pg&e is out here right now. the truck has been towed away. pg&e representatives are out here. they have quite a bit of work to do. we are live this morning in pittsburg alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:08. happening today five indicted san francisco police officers and one former police officer they are due in court this morning for their alleged involvement in a scandal that has rocked the police department. the police officers face federal charges that could send them to prison for years if they are convicted. ktvu news broke this story
yesterday. we learned the six are accused of taking part in several raids at san francisco residential hotels. and those raids were captured on video. >> they were going into the rooms without warrants and in some cases we believe they were stealing items. and there was no account ability. >> this is our worst fear. >> in a statement the head of san francisco's police officer's association responds to the scandal allegations by saying these indictments are apparently based on the questionable testimony of unreliable informant witnesses. governor jerry brown makes it official he will seek reelection in november. he is the heavy favorite to win a record fourth term as governor. but he says challenges remain to makes sure the budget
surplus endures. brown join twos republicans that have announced their intentions to run for governor. one describes himself as a social libertarian. tim donnelly is a tea party favorite. remember the couple who found $10 million in old gold coins while walking their dog? they will have to pay taxes than buried treasure. their state and federal tax bill is estimated to be $4.7 million. that is according to tax experts who say those gold coins are under the federal level. the couples tax bill for those gold coins due right away. april 15th. i don't like that part. >> see. all right. time is 5:10. the bart board debating a plan
to ban transit strikes in the future. coming up why the controversial proposal may be coming to a screeching halt. >> all i did was duck. and slammed on the brakes. >> scary story. target of an east bay freeway shooting and he's describing his terrifying ordeal in an interview you will see only on 2. >> and we have word of a brand new crash here in the oakland area. it sounds like it is blocking all the lanes of 24 near the 580 interchange. we are also looking at the approach on 580 to the richmond bridge. everything is wet. it will be a challenging commute. please be careful. >> we do have some breaks in the rain. especially favoring the coast.
good morning. some very heavy rain. around hayward, fremont, pittsburg. there will be some really heavy rain here for awhile in the morning. and then it will turn more showery in nature. look for a windy and showery day especially east and south. just incredible story you heard about this yesterday late afternoon and this morning. the chp continues to search for a gunman who opened fire on a crowded east bay freeway. the gunfire shut down a section of westbound 580 in castro valley during last night's rush
hour commute. bullets hit the windshield, hood, and front grill of one person's black chevy blazer and ktvu news got an exclusive interview with that driver. jake says he was just traveling along 580 when he spotted a silver chevy weaving in and out of traffic. >> they were in the fast lane. i'm like whatever. then i ended up passing. they pulled out a handgun i guess. all i did was duck. and slammed on the brakes. >> he says the silver chevy sped away. he was not hurt. the chp is urging witnesses to step forward. investigators want to talk to anyone who was driving in the area of 580 and 238 when this shooting happened. the witnesses should call the
number on your screen. that number 1-800-tell-chp. there is new information about the death of a brazilian man who died in vein. the coroner has determined his death was an accident. 22-year-old paul neto was reported missing last october. his body was found a month later floating in the bay. the coroner report shows he has drugs in his system and his death may have been the result of an overdose. congress took three trips last year that was worth $3.7 million. that was the highest price tag for privately funded travel in ten years. members of congress took 493 privately funded trips in 2013. family members, mostly spouses, went on more than 40% of those trips. now east bay congressman john had the most expensive.
he took $70,000 worth of privately funded trips. his wife went with him on a $40,000 trip top south sudan. he says taking a trip funded by a private group actually saves taxpayers money and gives him more flexibility than official congressional trips. happening today a toll hike on the golden gate bridge almost a done deal. the bridge district board will vote on a plan to raise the toll to $7 starting in april. after that the toll will slowly increase to $8 over the next four years. now the bridge district says it immediate the money to close a growing deficit. the hikes would be incremental. in april of this year it would go to $7 $7. two years later $7.25, then $7.50 and by 2018 it will be $8.
time is 5:17. rain, wet roads, lots of crashes. sal, the idea give yourself plenty of time because it is dangerous. >> i think everyone who has walked into the building has said, this is not fun driving out there. the latest crash. two badly damaged cars. and we have seen this already. one lane is getting by but most of the freeway is blocked here 24 at 580 and pretty hard crash in that area. just be careful if you are driving through highway 24 and through the tunnel you will see a lot of slow traffic. we recommend taking bart. the more it rains hard, the more we are going to have crashes and when it lets up, the traffic is going to get better. and also gusty winds on some of
the bridges. let's take a look at toll plaza. right now it is light here coming into san francisco. we are hoping far lighter day because it is friday. we're also looking at the south bay. the rein has been moving through. we've had some heavy flooding on some of the areas. northbound and southbound 87 closed near taylor because of the flooding. we showed it to you earlier with janine. she will have another live shot from that area. just avoid guadalupe parkway for now because you will be if a detour situation. 680 at allen rock there is a crash right now. bad driving. give yourself extra time. and we'll have another update soon. let's go to steve. >> thank you. to answer your question the heaviest rain is going through right now. it will turn more showery in nature.
san francisco rainfall the last 24 hours. for the month of february 58.20 which is 117% of normal. whoa. about time. normal is 4.46 by the way. some of the heavier rain is again focused east and south. there are breaks to the north. there is not much there right now. along the marin coast and out to the east bay. there is really heavy rain toward the altamont pass. and coming out of the santa cruz mountains there. this looks to be the bulls eye right now. when you see the yellow and red, that is really heavy rain. 50s on the temps.
not a cold stretch by any stretch of the imagination. the reason why we will stay below which is tracking toward southern california and central california this will wrap back in instability all day long and probably all the way into saturday morning. the heavier sames will be -- the heavier amounts will be from the santa cruz mountains. i think right now there will be areas you don't center any rain at all. it will pick up a little bit later. 50s and 60s on the temps. the extended outlook has today's system. and then this is pretty much of a power house. we will see some rain into saturday. a break sunday, monday. absolutely no comparison or sink on the forecast models. >> we want to see your photos of the storm. you can e-mail them to us at or post them
to our facebook page. this morning apple won a big victory in a german court. apple was being sued for patent infringement over technology that decides priority for calls in mobile networks. the court dismissed the suit saying apple does not infringe on two patents. the judge did not cite why the case has no merit. let's check in on the numbers. pretty good day yesterday. dow, nasdaq, and s & p all posting gains. we've had some really mixed earnings reports. a lot of companies coming in with earnings reports. some of them doing better than expected and that is helping the stock market. there are reports that quiz knows is planning to file for bankruptcy. they have 2100 stores around the world. time is 5:22.
controversy over breast feeding on a flight why delta airlines is apologizing. >> grand gesture from the first openingly gay basketball player in the nba. [son] she has no idea.
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
that school is not far from highway 1. the 19-year-old's are accused of ramming their cars through the school fence and tearing up an athletic field by spinning donuts on the grass. damage is statemented at $20,000 -- damage is estimated at $20,000. former sanford star jason collins signed a ten-day contract with the denver nuggets. and last night he paid tribute to matthew shepard. he was the college student that was murdered in 1998 because he was gay. >> my friends and family knew why i chose that number. and now it's cool to see so many people support it. it's et by people buying the jersey. >> collins number 98 jersey is now the top selling uniform on
5:27am shepards parents call collins' gesture genuine and thoughtful. walmart says it's taking a bold step toward eliminating harmful chemicals. they will require manufactures to list the chemicals considered dangerous on labels of makeups, soaps, and household cleaners. they will have to reduce or eliminate them completely within a couple years. experts in the industry expect companies will change their products rather than lose their sales at walmart. it happened again for the second time in 24 hours. a bay area store clerk fights off a would-be robber. check out the surveillance video of the incredible take down. >> we are live in san francisco where mother nature wreaks havoc overnight toppling trees and creating slippery conditions. we'll tell you where some of the car crashes happened. >> san mateo bridge traffic is going to be a little dicey driving across as most of the commute is through the bay
area. a lot of standing water and now a very serious crash in the east bay. we will update all that straight ahead. >> for those that have your own barometric pressure at home and tapping on it saying could that be right? yes. /xm
welcome back. 5:30. this is ktvu channel 2 morning
news. live pictures san francisco. trees down, branches down, cones here, traffic problems. wet roads, rain, did i leave anything out? we have weather related problems this morning. we have live team coverage of everything happening around the bay area. be careful. give yourself extra time to get where you need to go. we have a lot of information for you so stay tuned. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it is 5:31. >> and we're on storm watch. it is a wet and windy friday morning. live team coverage as i told you. tara moriarty is covering several weather related problems in san francisco. sal of course busy watching the roads and the highways. we can't even add up the crashes tied to the weather. first let's go to steve paulson. you are tracking this storm. >> we are indeed. i like that tie by the way. >> thank you. >> there are some areas to the west which the rain is not
following anymore. the heaviest rain has been east and south. this system deserves awhile. it is a good one. the barometric measure now a lot of people if you follow that it should be around 29.35 to 29.42. if you are below that, you may want to recalibrate. this is a storm. no doubt about it. this will be the last in the series here as it moves south. we will start to see more improving conditions as we head toward saturday and sunday. but coming up, wrapping back around producing bursts of very heavy rain. some areas are like what rain? especially parts of sonoma coast. antioch back over to livermore the altamont pass and back toward san ramon and danville
and concord. morgan hill got slammed. now things are calming down a little bit. it looks like more of a break in the rain toward the santa cruz mountains and areas to the south. still 50s on the temps. it will be a mild day. that is the key right there. the low is taking aim more toward central california than us. but it is so close it will wrap around instability. heaviest rain will beson that cruz mountain -- will be santa cruz mountains south. heaviest rain is in the morning. breezy to windy today. rain and wind on your forecast. temperatures 50s and low 60s. here is sal. i'm just looking at the latest information here about this deadly crash on 24 and it looks like the coroner has been called but it will take a bit for the coroner to get there. so this is going to be -- this is going to be a big traffic jam for highway 24 westbound
coming through. so one of the things i want to let you know if you are driving from orinda to oakland you need to give yourself extra time on 24. the traffic is backing up all the way up to the tunnel now. they are trying to let some cars get through but it really is a bad traffic jam. i would not advise using highway 24 at this time. we have a crew on the way by the way. this will be a lengthy investigation. let's go to the mccarthur maze. the traffic is moderately heavy. there are no major problems coming through. the traffic will be okay. and this morning's drive on 280 is okay. but 7:at taylor -- but 87 at taylor we have flooding. there is flooding all over the south bay. we've had a couple minor wrecks here and there. so far driving will be okay just make sure that you watch for flooding in the outside lanes especially. let's go back to the desk. the rain causing some dangerous flash flooding around the bay area this morning.
a real danger for you drivers. the san jose fire department tweeted these photos of flash flooding. this is the area of santa clara street. there is this one photo. you see the car almost buried in the water. water levels up to the car windows. ktvu janine de la vega talked with one of the drivers. he said he was caught totally off guard. >> you couldn't see the water. i thought it was clear. drove right in and my car started getting flooded. >> he had to climb out the car window because that water was so high. at least two cars drove into the water and got stuck before the police blocked off that street. we're also seeing problems in san francisco this morning. this storm is really messing up the commute in the city. tara moriarty is there in the sunset district now where crews just removed a tree. good morning, tara.
>> good morning. it is sprinkling right now. right behind me here is the tree that snapped off at the root. crews worked very quickly. they had their saws and chipper and got this 30-foot tree out of the roadway. it snapped off as the roots coming within inches of the car. no one was hurt but it is completely blocking 37th avenue and lincoln. the roadways have been a mess since the rain began. this crash happening around 2:30 this morning. the driver losing corral down a hill -- losing control down a hill. on 18th and harrison also a car spun out and caused an accident. and this morning a car crash on 280 at the hickey boulevard
exit. no one was hurt in that incident. two lanes were blocked off for awhile. chp is reminding you to give yourself enough braking distance and make sure your tires and windshield conditions are in good -- windshields are in good condition. this is a comparison of lake orville. n2011 and then in 2014. in 2011 the lake is full of water. now it is very dry. look at that. that is incredible the pictures. you can also see the entire bridge which you could not see back in 2011. now state lawmakers have approved a $680 million drought relief bill. the legislation passed unanimously in the senate yesterday. the bill provides $500 million in unspent bond money for water related infrastructure around
the state. and sets aside millions of dollars for drinking water. time is 5:37. it took awhile but the sierra ski resorts are finally getting some of that snow they have been looking for all season. if you plan to head up to the sierra this weekend, make sure you take some chains with you. while the new snow in the sierra is a bit of good news when it comes to the drought, state officials say we have a long way to go. new snow survey shows the northern sierra is at 15% of normal. the central sierra including the tahoe area doing better. 27 32% of normal. the state department of water resources conducted the monthly check of the snow depth and the water content yesterday. they were up at echo summit. officials say february storms have improved the numbers but even so the snow should be three times what it is right
now. the department says we'll know more about the water situation in april after the final snow survey of the winter. whether you are in the sierra or bay area, you can get the weather forecast to go on your smart phone or tablet with a ktvu weather app. it has live radar for you and forecast from our ktvu weather team. it is available for apple and android users. a busy road in the east bay shut down following a deadly crash. that happened early this morning. ktvu alex savidge is joining us now from pittsburg. >> we do know this early morning crash took out a pair of power poles. you can see the road is barricaded here. and pg&e crews are down there right now trying to repair the down lines and get the power
back on. we have a call into pg&e. let me show you the accident that happened. there was a cautious response by the pittsburg police department. officer moved up to the truck that crashed with their guns drawn. they found a person inside. that person was pronounced dead here at the scene. we don't -- we do have calls into the pittsburg police department. we also have calls into pg&e trying to get a sense of the outage. we do know power poles taken down left one person dead. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. store clerks have fought
back and overpowered an armed robber. the latest happened wednesday night. a 26-year-old parolee pointed a gun at the manager and demanded money. but that manager grabbed a weapon and fought back. and the whole thing was caught on video. you can see another employee joins in and the suspect was taken down and held for police. >> if it is my night to get shot, he will shoot me right away. but it is not my night. if he comes with a small gun i will not do anything. >> besides a few cuts and bruises both are expected to be okay. just hour -- richmond police say the store employee was heroic, may give him a medal for his bravery, however they do not advise people to ever confront a person with a gun.
time is 5:41. we have seen the mess the bay area storm has caused on local roads. how air travel is effected by the storm. which flights have already been canceled. plus the threat of rock slides in southern california. the popular highway that is closed through noon. >> all right we do have a lot of slow traffic out there. a lot of roadway flooding. word of a new crash in contra costa county. this is a live look at highway 4. it is still not slow yet. >> some areas of rain has letup. we are getting a little break. we'll see how this plays into the forecast. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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but in areas of san francisco things have calmed down a little bit. over a half inch of rain. chris tweeted me and said still raining in the sense but not too heavy. we are beginning to see a break but we're not done yet. >> time is 5:45. we have breaking news out of oakland. brian flores yows are there right now. what happened out there? where are you? >> reporter: technically we're on westbound 24 near the 580 interchange. we are not even into the heart of the morning commute and it is already a mess out here because of this fatality that happened around 4:45. several chp officers are here.
the big concern is the traffic. it will be a mess for several hours as investigators piece together what happened. one lane going through here. around 5:00 a woman driving a toyota rav 4 suv got stall the in the number three lane here. apparently she had her hazard lights on but then a lexus sedan did not see her and slammed into the back of that love 4 and she was killed on scene. investigators are waiting for the coroner to arrive to pick up the body. but again this morning westbound 24 will be a mess for several hours. chp is here. we are live keeping you updated. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. southern california expected to receive the brunt of today's storm. a nine mile stretch of the
pacific coast highway in malibu closed due to the threat of landslides. we just learned the closure had been extended until noon. this was an odd picture yesterday when under a clear and sunny sky about 1,000 people in eastern los angeles county were ordered to evacuate. that is because of last month's colby fire. it burned the hills. and the concern is the soil that would normally soak up the rainwater will slide down the hillside. >> a big rain comes through unexpectedly which it does all the time. that whole mountain is coming down and coming through that little portal. it will hit every one of these houses. it's coming down this street. >> while some people have boarded their homes and left, others are ignoring the evacuation order. one to two inches of rain could fall in an hour. and there could be waterspouts offshore and small tornadoes. delta airlines apologizing to a mother after a tweet on delta's twitter customer
service account told her she cannot breast feed out covering up. she says when her son is covered up, he won't breast- feed or take a bottle. delta airlines has apologized. they have offered her a $400 voucher. she refused. meantime regional airlines says it's hard to find enough pilots to hire. but they are not sure if that will lead to a pilot shortage nation-wide. u.s. airline industry will have to hire as many as 4500 new pilots every year for the next ten years. reports shows that 11 out of 12 regional air parts have not been able to meet their hiring targets this year. however the major airlines say they are not having problems hiring pilots. barts board president is getting very little support in his fight to urge state lawmakers to ban strikes in the
future. president joel keller formerly introduced the advisory letter during last night's board meeting. it is in response to two bart -- however they strongly oppose the ballot measure. banning strikes would only increase the hostile relationship between bart management and unions. the bart board must act by june in order to qualify that measure for the november ballot. 5:49 is the time. one of our big stories in traffic is unfortunately that fatal crash in oakland. let's check in with sal. >> you just saw brian there with the first pictures of it. 24 westbound is blocked. mostly. now there is one lane getting by but most of the freeway here near children's hospital near 51st onramp is closed. if we turn around you can see that chp did hustle to open up one lane so that traffic isn't
at a complete standstill. however, there is a huge traffic jam coming down the hill from the tunnel down to the this spot. and as you heard brian say this all resulted from someone who did not see a stalled vehicle and ran into it. it turned into a fatal crash and now there is an investigation. we are waiting for the coroner to arrive. this will be here for awhile. plan accordingly. give yourself plenty of extra time. it looks like the coroner has already arrived here. so it may be a little quicker but still they will be here for a bit. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge the traffic is not very slow right now. it's only ten minutes until 6:00. it's a 10-12 minute drive across the bridge. if you are driving across any of the causeways, be careful out there. especially if you are in a small car. and there is a flooding closure on 87 at taylor.
completely closed and bad flooding. it will be a couple hours before they are i believe to open that. janine de la vega is on the way to this and she will have pictures from that coming up soon. let's go back to steve. thank you. our system is blasting through. it looks like we are getting more into the showery regime as the heavier rain moves east and north. wind advisory is out. i woke up sick this morning. i apologize. i just hate that. wind advisory is out until 10:00 this morning. it hasn't been that bad but there will still be gusts around 40-50 miles an hour. 24 hour rainfall is .60. this is the first month since december 2012 that san francisco has had above normal
rainfall. that is a long time. too long. you can see now shower activity will come up wrapping around the low. so there are some areas where there will still be bursts of heavy rain. most of this is lifting north and also east. and you can see back over toward brentwood ever. it looks like it is pouring there. but it looks like you are on the backside of it. santa clara valley got slammed. 50s on the temps here. it will be a mild day. and the wind has been okay but not that bad. but still east 21 napa. you are getting that strong easterly breeze. high pressure to the east. a really intense low is offshore. livermore east, northeast. 16. for those that follow, there it is. now the surface pressure is 974- mil bars. the upper level low is heading
up toward central california. the heaviest rain will be santa cruz mountains south. but today into saturday morning it's just a broad brush. so rain and wind. heaviest in the morning. it looks like most of that has gone through. breezy to windy conditions and temperatures really upper 50s and low 60s. that is entrailing -- that is really not the issue. some of it has gone through but some will come back as well. we will take that into saturday morning. it does look quieter. possibility of rain monday into tuesday. >> thank you, steve. 5:53 is the time. distracted driving but you didn't break the law. how a controversial new court ruling that cleared one driver who is checking his map may see state changes. >> new moves at the white house. check this out. what the president and vice president are doing to inspire america to be healthy and active.
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:56. yahoo says they did not know anything about a british spy agency collecting photos. now that announcement comes after new documents were leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. the documents say the british spies collected still images from millions of yahoo users
even if they were not suspected of any illegal activity. yahoo says encryption will be in place by the end of next month. for the first time ever someone was able to sneak a video camera into the supreme court. a shaky two minute video was posted on youtube yesterday. it shows a protestor interrupting a court on wednesday about the justices ruling back in 2010 that loosened restrictions on corporate campaign spending. the supreme court is known for extremely tight security measures. no electronic devices are allowed. time is 5:57. a california man won his appeal of a traffic ticket that he got because he used his cell phone while driving. he got the ticket -- but he says he was stopped in traffic. and was looking at a map on his phone. a judge threw out his ticket. however, the chp is warning
drivers ewe still should not be looking at your phone while driving. >> even if you are not using your cell phone, you can still receive a violation. there is no section prohibiting people from reading a book or drinking a latte or writing on a clipboard but you can still receive a ticket. >> it could encourage some state lawmakers to change the distracted driving law. coming up next in our 6:00 hour. this morning's rain causing dangerous flash flooding and hazards for drivers. >> it was pretty dark. you couldn't see the water. as i was coming down just kind of drove in there. >> we are showing you all the big trouble spots. the areas hit by flash flooding this morning. janine de la vega will show us dramatic rescue in the south bay. >> how's hours from now five indicted police officers make their first court appearances.
how the entire police department has been effected. >> we have a major problem on oakland's freeway 24 westbound. we will have a live report from the scene coming up. >> i just heard from dave out in martinez he says really heavy rain but most of this is moving east and north. there are some breaks but we are not done yet.